Green Bamboo Software, An Introduction

Enterprise Software And Web Content Management Software Development

Enterprise Software and Professional Web Content Management Software Development are our main expertises.
Programming with Java, Visual Basic, Oracle Forms, Oracle Portal Server, PHP, ASP and JavaScript, we develop on a variety of enterprise databases: Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL
We also use Open Source tools and libraries like Eclipse, Spring and Hibernate.

NEW: Web-startable Java Dicom Viewer

Our new flagship product is the professional web-startable Java Dicom Viewer VisionX.
The viewer permits opening of JPEG2000 compressed Dicom images (lossless or lossy compression).
Easy integration with existing PACS database and portals is possible, including with the popular dcm4chee archive open source PACS archive software.
We sell also source code licenses of our viewer, please contact us for conditions and pricing!
Click HERE for an online demo (minimum Java JRE 1.5 required on the client machine, with Java Plugin installed)!

Attention please if you have Java 1.7.0_51 or higher installed

Because of the new security features of Java 1.7.0_51 and greater, you will need to add the following URL's to the Exception Site List in the Java Control Panel, in order to be able to run our demo's:

Otherwise, you can set the Security Level slider to "Medium".

Java Control Panel Security Settings for Java version 1.7.0_51

Tools And Techniques

Programming: Java - Visual Basic 6 - VBA - ASP 3.0 - PHP - VBScript - JavaScript
Databases: Oracle - MS SQL Server - MySQL - MS Access
Query languages: PL/SQL - T-SQL - MySQL
Development tools: Eclipse - MS Visual Studio 6 - Oracle Forms Builder - Oracle Reports Builder - iReport
Web: (X)HTML - XML - SOAP - Java Applets - Java Servlets - Apache Tomcat - Oracle Portal Server
Libraries Open Source: Hibernate - Spring - dcm4che - ImageJ - Apache POI - JasperReports - JCIFS ....
Others: DICOM - SVG - ....

Sorry, we don't develop nor recommend developing applications in VB.NET, C# or ASP.NET.
And copyrights / trademarks of products and tools mentioned are property of their owners.

Under Construction

This site is under - heavy - construction still, and will grow when time permits (always very busy with software development)... So please check back regularly here for new content!
You can always contact us here for inquiries or suggestions!


VisionX Dicom Viewer Screenshot Another VisionX Dicom Viewer Screenshot