Quality Software


Quality is utmost important regarding the work we deliver: the experience says, all work done badly will cause big problems at the most inconvenient moment, and often lead to loss of information (data); and allways it will lead to loss of customer satisfaction and confidence!
We strongly think it is sometimes better - when we have to make big changes to an existing system, or when the specifications upon which a project was designed originally have changed substantially - to start from scratch and invest some extra time to develop a systeem we can feel comfortable with.


For software projects we use methods from Agile Development and Extreme Programming (XP), but without getting dogmatic about it... Too much diagramming and text writing is of little use, far much more important is regular customer feedback and subsequent adjustments during the development phase.

User Interaction - GUI

A software application that needs user interaction is virtually worthless without a well-designed Graphical User Interface (GUI). Important here is providing a responsive and intuitive GUI, consistency among the different screens in an application, and adherence to GUI standards the average user got used to because of the operating system he or she is using on the PC; this way we can make the learning curve for the end user less steep in order to become productive with our software.


Data Management

Databases play a central role in practically every IT application. Business owners spend big money for IT, mostly because of the Data Management possibilities they get this way.
Experience in the main Enterprise Databases like Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL (yes, MySQL is increasingly being used for Enterprise applications), and the corresponding SQL dialects is very important for developing optimum-performing application.
A well designed normalized database structure with Referential Integrity Control at the basis of whatever software project is very important for us, as is strict Transactional Control in all our applications we design.
Profiling and optimizing the more complex database queries in an application is important in order to get the most in terms of speed and memory usage from the database engine!


Testing of the applications we deliver is continuously done during the development; the customer receives regularly new versions of the application under development, and customer feedback is used in the next development cycle to improve the software and to remove software or logical bugs.
Of course a thorough final test is very important, especially for big projects, if possible in a pilot setup with a group of end users.